PMI® between creating member value and censorship

Let’s do a new format. Here is my public answer to Mike Griffith regarding one of the latest postings on his blog Leading Answers:

Hello Mike,

as reply to your two blog postings about the rejection of your PMBOK® Guide 5th edition volunteer application and PMBOK v5 – Raise a Little Hell, I dug up my posting about an internet manifesto for bloggers. Although there will be many people more qualified than us to serve as PMBOK® Guide 5th edition core team volunteers, there is an approach PMI tries to control information which is really odd and might also influence the decision on who gets on the core team. Here are a few parts of the linking agreement which enlightened me:

  1. […] By linking to PMI’s web pages, you agree to the following terms: […]
  2. Home page. You may only link to PMI’s home page, as “deep” linking is not permitted. […]
  3. You agree not to make negative or disparaging references to PMI, its services or its members or otherwise compare PMI, its services or its members unfavorably to others […]
  4. PMI reserves the right to terminate this consent to link to its web site and to request that you remove any link(s) to PMI’s web site from your site. […]
  5. No permission to link to PMI’s web site may be assumed. Your registration information will be verified by PMI and permission acknowledged by e-mail. […]
  6. …and you have to register with all your personal details.

So what’s happening here?

PMI tries to take control. I am happy to live in a country where censorship is not so strong yet. For example deep linking has been allowed by the highest court in Germany as every web site owner can redirect deep links to his homepage if he likes.

I cannot rule out that some of the spirit of the linking agreement might have influenced the decision of who gets a position in the core team of the new guide. And history tells that the PMI forgets what people did for them quite fast, so nobody should invest too far in the future regarding his relationship with the PMI. A number of volunteers I know already left and the disbanding of the old PMI SIGs just emphasizes my point.

My hope is that the PMI concentrates more on creating value for their members and strengthens the relationship with their volunteers instead of keeping the current approach regarding control of information.

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